Course Description

Our Tajweed course is an introduction to the science of Tajweed using the classic text Tuhfah al-Atfaal in 28 video lessons. This course covers the basic rules that a student needs to recite the Quran as it was revealed. This text is a classic primer for students of the Quran around the world.

Course Outline:
  • Introduction to Tajweed
  • Rules of Noon Saakin and Tanween
  • Rules of Noon and Meem Mushaddadatayn
  • Rules of Meem Saakinah
  • Rules of Laam
  • Mithlayn, Mutaqaaribayn and Mutajaanisayn
  • Types of Madd
  • Rules of Madd
  • Types of Madd Laazim
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