New Independent Study Courses from The FIKS

Alhamdulillah here at the Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary (The F.I.K.S.) we are pleased to begin offering a set of high-quality independent study courses. Please continue to check back as more will soon be announced. Register now for your course and begin studying at your own pace. Enjoy learning some of the classical works used by the Scholars and students of knowledge around the world!

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Al-Ajrumiyyah Master Letters Glimpses of the Quran
Tajweed Fiqh for Children Tafseeru 101

Our Courses In Brief
  • Children's FIQH - 16 fun an entertaining lessons on Basic Fiqh for children and for parents who want to learn how to teach their kids the basics of their religion.
  • Al-Ajurumiyyah - A self-paced study of the classic Grammar text Al-Aajurumiyyah with 40 recorded video lessons.
  • Tajweed - An introduction to the science of Tajweed using the classic text Tuhfah al-Atfaal in 28 video lessons.
  • Tafseer 101 - An Introduction to tafseer and the sciences of the Quran.
  • Glimpses of the Quraan - Glimpses of the Quran is a summarized Tafseer of the entire Quran given Juz by Juz by Ustaadh Abu Taubah in 30 video lessons.
  • Master Letters - The Arabic Alphabet as you've never seen it before. Learn the characteristics of the letters and build a foundation for mastering the Arabic language.

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